The arrival of our new roaster! October 08 2018, 0 Comments

At the start of last week the team set about roasting and packing coffee as quickly as possible in readiness for delivery of our new coffee roaster.  By Wednesday morning, poduction had ceased and as much space as possible was created in readiness for the new delivery.  

The new roaster is a 25kg drum roaster produced by German company Probat.  Our existing roaster, which is now 38 years old and has served us well for 7 years, is also a Probat but only roasts 12kg batches.  As production was taking up an ever increasing part of our week, the new roaster was essential for our continued growth.

At over a tonne in weight, it was an exciting hour or so when it came to removing it from the lorry, as this time lapse video shows!


The new roaster is now in place and we'll be spending a few weeks test roasting before we'll be confident in using this new machine for production.  You can see it working during our Big Weekend in November, more details here.