Clever Coffee Dripper


We're always on the lookout for something different to brew our coffee with and we weren't disappointed by this simple, yet effective, piece of equipment.  The concept is simple and yet it produces a really good cup of coffee - you simply add water to the grounds, allow to brew for three minutes and then place the dripper on your cup - this opens a valve and the coffee drips through into your cup.

We've played around with the dripper and have found the following steps work really well:

1.  Place a filter paper in the dripper and soak it with boiling water - this warms up the dripper and washes any papery flavours off the filter

2.  Add your freshly ground coffee to the filter - we use 21g of quite coarsely ground coffee, something similar to that used for a french press

3.  Slowly pour on 350ml of water, just off the boil and put the lid on the dripper

4.  Allow the coffee for brew for 3 minutes

5.  Place the dripper on your favourite mug and the coffee will drip through

The dripper is made from tough plastic and comes with a lid and coaster.

Please note: the dripper doesn't come with filter papers - these need to be ordered separately; the size 4 Filtropa papers fit the brewer and are available in our accessories section.

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