Seasonal Espresso Blend


Our current espresso blend contains coffees from three origins:

Iyenga, is a coffee produced by a cooperative of farmers in the Mbeya region of Tanzania. This coffee adds a bright initial acidity to the coffee, with flavours of mixed berries. Iyenga is a fully washed coffee, grown at an altitude of 1,670 to 1,950 metres above sea level.

From Colombia we have San Gregorio. This coffee is also produced by a cooperative but in this instance just five farms have been chosen for this lot. Their coffees were all deemed to be very similar in cup profile and were of a notably high quality. You might detect some mid-range chocolate flavours in the espresso which come from this component. San Gregorio is also a fully washed coffee with the farms located at 1,750 to 1,830 metres above sea level.

Our third component is a natural processed coffee from Brazil. Fazenda Esperança is a single farm origin from the Cerrado Mineiro of Brazil. This coffee adds body to the espresso and also contributes a smooth, lingering nutty aftertaste. Fazenda Esperança is grown at an altitude of 1,226 metres above sea level.

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