Seasonal Espresso Blend 250g


Our current seasonal espresso blend is all about Central America.  It comprises two components: one from Guatemala and the other from El Salvador.

 Finca Concepción is a single farm in the Antigua region of Guatemala.  The farm’s current owner, Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón is the fourth generation of his family to work this land, and he maintains the farm in pristine condition with the help of his mother, Maria Mirón de Zaghi. 

Finca El Carmen is also a single farm in the Ahuachapán region of El Salvador.  The owner, Fernando Alfaro, visited our Roastery last year and we are really pleased to be featuring his coffee in our blend this season.

Farm: Finca Concepción

Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried on patios

Owner: Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón

Farm: Finca El Carmen

Varietal(s): 100% Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on clay patios

Owner: Fernando Alfaro


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