Seasonal Espresso Blend 250g


We’re utilising two coffees from El Salvador in our current espresso blend. Finca El Carmen is a firm favourite and has featured in our blends for the past three years. We purchased coffee from Finca Lorena last year and are pleased to be using this coffee again.

You can expect an apple acidity with flavours of chocolate and cinder toffee.

El Carmen is an extremely well-run specialty estate and is managed with scrupulous attention detail, with great emphasis placed on maintaining the identity of each lot from the moment its coffee cherries are harvested until the point when the green beans are ready for export. The estate’s coffee is produced under approximately 60% shade cover, which is required for the coffee to ripen evenly. Prior to the rainy season, shade trees are then pruned to about 40% shade to allow the access of light necessary for new foliage growth.

Farm: Finca El Carmen

Varietal(s): 100% Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed and sundried on clay patios

Owner: Fernando Alfaro

Renato Romero Silva always seeks to farm in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. He uses a minimum of chemical fertilisers and herbicides on his farm and enriches his soil with organic matter (much of which is composted by-product from the coffee processing) to ensure his trees have all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. The farm also collects its own rainwater using tanks and drainage channels.

During the harvest, coffee cherries are handpicked only when fully ripe. They are then pulped, fully washed and dried in the sun on patios. The coffee is then rested in parchment until immediately prior to export.

Farm: Finca Lorena

Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon

Processing: Fully-washed and dried on patios

Owner: Renato Arturo Romero Silva

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