Ethiopia Double Bill


The way in which a coffee is processed has a big impact on the flavours in the cup.

Banco Gotete is a town in the Kochere region of Ethiopia. Smallholding famers from the area sell their coffee cherries to the Legu Trading washing station, where the processing takes place. All the coffees are harvested by hand before being delivered to collection points within 10km of the farms.

The coffee is processed by one of two methods:

Fully washed - the cherries are de-pulped before being fermented in water for 12-18 hours. The beans are then washed in water and transferred to raised beds for drying. Here is is is tuned regularly until optimum humidity is achieved.

Natural - the coffee cherries are dried whole on raised beds and are turned regularly. Once fully dry the cherries are milled to release the bean.

Each of these processing methods creates a different flavour profile in the cup

Fully washed coffees have a heightened acidity and a lighter body compared to natural processed coffees. The fruit tones will be more tropical, citrus or stone.

Natural coffees will have more sweetness and a heavier body, while the fruit tones will be more berry-like.

Choose from 2 x 250g bags (one of each coffee) or double up over the festive period with 4 x 250g bags (two of each coffee).

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