Finca Concepción 250g


Finca Concepcion Pixcayá was founded in 1926 by Sr. Carlos Mirón Armas and Sra. Maria Muñoz de Mirón. The farm’s current owner, Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón is the fourth generation of his family to work this land, and he maintains the farm in pristine condition with the help of his mother, Maria Mirón de Zaghi.

In addition to the painstaking work on coffee, much of the work on the farm is done with an eye towards environmental responsibility. The farm avoids using herbicides and makes its own organic fertiliser, prepared from macadamia parchment, corn cane and other waste products from the farm’s agricultural activities. All water used in processing during the harvest season is reused and then, at the end of the day, deposited in special tanks to filter out the solids, which are then used in composting. Water conservation is a priority, and the farm has five big tanks to collect rain water for use in processing during the harvest season (which falls during the dry season in the region). The farm has recently undertaken bee cultivation on a protected part of the farm for environmental reasons, and reforestation activities have been a big focus for the Manuel since he took over ownership.

This is a really easy drinking coffee - lots of chocolate and caramel tones, with a long brown sugar finish.

Farm: Finca Concepción

Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried on patios

Altitude: 1,900 metres above sea level

Owner: Manuel Zaghi Mirón and his mother Maria Cristina Mirón de Zaghi

Town: San Juan, Sacatepéquez

Region: Antigua

Country: Guatemala

Total size of farm: 149.65 hectares

Area under coffee: 22.68 hectares

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