Finca Veracruz 250g


Finca Veracruz is one of 5 sister farms which together make up the Santa Barbara Estate. It is a 20 hectare farm of which 16 are dedicated to growing coffee. The farms undertakes its own processing but as one day's picking is not sufficient to make up an entire lot, Finca Veracruz has developed a process of extended fermentation. The process results in a fruit-forward coffee without some of the sharpness which can sometimes become apparent in the cup.

Each Veracruz lot is comprised of between 3 to 5 days’ picking. Each day, pulped beans are added to a fermentation tank with the previous days’ pickings. In this method of ‘extended’ fermentation, each consecutive batch raises the ph level (i.e. makes more alkaline) of the fermentation tank, permitting longer fermentation times that will produce a fruit-forward cup but without the acetic acid produced by bacteria at a low ph. In this way, the producer is able to maintain the correct ph level and avoid very low ph levels during processing that can lead to over-fermentation and vinegary qualities. In addition to giving more control over ph levels also gives more control over yeast and bacteria activity.

The Estate is owned by the Echavarria Family who take their social responsibility seriously:

Santa Bárbara Estate employs 60 people all year round, who on average earn 30% above the minimum wage. Half of these also receive free housing within the farm for themselves and their families. A further 1,200 pickers are hired during the main harvest, comprised mainly of farmers from around the Santa Bárbara Estate who pick coffee to supplement their income. Workers are generally long-term employees and have been with the company for more than 10 years.

Farm: Finca Veracruz, Santa Bárbara Estate

Varietal(s): Colombia & Caturra

Processing: Extended Fermentation, Washed and dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1,650 metres above sea level

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