Maria Rosa Oidor 250g


This coffee was our Limited Release Subscription coffee for May.  It is a small microlot selected from 450 producers in the ASORCAFE growers' association.  As is customary in the association, the lot is named for the grower, in this case Maria Rosa Oidor.

Maria Rosa Oidor runs her farm, Los Nogales, with her husband Antonio Pillimué and their four children.  Maria Rosa and Antonio saved the money to buy their three hectare farm from the savings they made from their shop.

Today, Maria Rosa´s family is dedicated entirely to coffee. Her eldest son, Robinson, has worked as a leader of the local growers’ association ASORCAFE (to which Doña Maria belongs) a distinguished, well-known coffee producer in his own right. Her younger, Nilson, has also inherited part of the family farm and is working to learn all about coffee. Doña Maria, even at the age of 58, still takes a hike up the mountain every day to organize pickers and schedule the work for the day. She is an impressive woman, a symbol of the female coffee farmer in Colombia, who often does not received as much recognition as their "Juan Valdez" counterpart.

ASORCAFE represents, in total, some 450 producers from across the Department. This specific lot, however, has been selected only from Doña Maria’s production. Every single producer delivering to the group has their lot cupped by the Association’s cupping lab in Pedregal. Lots scoring 85 points or more are reserved for the Inzá, Cauca microlot offered by Mercanta. However, encouraged by our partners in Colombia, Santa Barbara Estates, the group has also begun to reserve those lots that cup even higher than 85 points or that demonstrate exceptional or unique qualities. These stringent standards result in identifying very small, very special microlots, such as this one, being made available for export.

Farm: Finca Los Nogales

Varietal(s): Tabi, Typica & Caturra

Processing: Fully washed (24 hour fermentation, dried on raised beds)

Altitude: 2,000 metres above sea level

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