Monthly Coffee Subscription


  • With our monthly coffee subscription you’ll receive a bag of coffee each month until you choose to cancel. If a single bag isn't enough, you can choose any number of bags you like.  The cost of delivery is included in the price of the subscription. Please note: we only despatch our subscription coffee on the first Tuesday of every month.

  • How much coffee will I get? If you choose a single 250g bag, you will obviously receive one 250g bag of coffee each month. This should be enough for around 10 cafetieres.  You can select to receive more than one bag when you set up the subscription, or you can alter this amount at any time during the subscription period.

    What is the best way to brew my coffee? The coffees we send out have been roasted for filter and coffee press (or cafetiere) brewing, including the Aeropress.

    When will I receive my coffee? We roast our subscription coffee on the first Tuesday of each month. We then post you coffee out by Royal Mail Second Class on the Wednesday. You should receive your coffee on the Friday.

    What else will I receive? Each month we also send out a copy of our subscription newsletter. We write this to accompany each coffee and in it we explain a little bit more about the coffee you will be drinking. Sometimes we’ll include more information about the origins of the coffee, at other times we’ll include brewing instructions and we might also include information about issues affecting the wider world of coffee.

    How do you choose the coffee? We choose coffees from the various origins we have at the Roastery. These coffees will be seasonal and will change throughout the year. We aim to send out as many different origins as we can so you can fully explore the wonderful world that is coffee. We often send out new coffees to our subscription customers before they go on general release.

    Do you grind the coffee? We have a philosophy of only sending out wholebean coffee. In that way we can ensure the customer receives it in the best condition possible.

    Can I buy a subscription as a gift?
    A gift subscription can be purchased to run for either 6 or 12 months.  Simply select 'Prepay for your subscription' above and then tick 'Is this a gift?' .  You will be charged for the whole period of the subscription and the subscription will case at the end of that period.  We will send a confirmation out to the recipient so if you want to add a personal message please let us know.  

    How long does my subscription last? Your coffee subscription will last for a minimum of 6 months after which you are free to cancel at any time.

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