Pedernales Microlot 250g


Helibrando Martinez Aguila’s farm, El Romerillo may be small, but it is high – with stunning views! Located at 1,850+ metres above sea level near the town of Pedernales, Cajamarca, Peru, the farm is perfectly situated to produce very high quality coffee. Helibrando lives here with his wife and three daughters, who sometimes help him on the farm. He takes the time to monitor the state of the farm to make sure that all harvest and post-harvest work is done to the optimal standards. His efforts have paid off as this special ‘Pedernales’ microlot shows.

The mellow acidity makes this an easy drinking coffee, and we have particularly been enjoying the lingering honeycomb flavours.

Farms: El Romerillo

Varietal(s): Caturra, Pache, Catimor & Typica

Processing: Fully washed & dried in on African beds

Altitude: 1,850 metres above sea level

Owner: Helibrando Martinez Aguila

Town: Pedernales

Region: Cajamarca

Country: Peru

Total size of farms: 5 hectares total

Area under coffee: 3.5 hectares total

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