San Lorenzo Nariño 250g


Colombia has a wonderfully diverse climate for coffee growing with at least twelve distinct coffee growing regions, each with their own character. The Nariño region has some of the highest coffee growing land with the majority of producers being small holders farming around 1.5 hectares each.

This coffee comes from small holder farmers located around the municipality of San Lorenzo. At altitudes of between 1,700 and 2,000m it is a challenging place to grow coffee particularly when you factor in the impact of climate change, lack of labour, increased costs of production and an inability to maintain an increase in yields.

Generally, producers will harvest evenly ripened cherries and submerge them in a tank of water to remove floaters, helping to maintain quality. From here, the exterior pulp is removed, and the coffee fermented to breakdown the remaining mucilage. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee is set to dry in the sun. Producers transport the coffee to the Pergamino to the mill in Pasto where the coffee is hulled and analyzed prior to being exported.

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