Sipi Falls


This is the third year we have used coffee from the Sipi Falls Sustainable Project, which comprises and impressive 10,000 members. This coffee is organically grown by small holders with with an average of 0.5 ha each under coffee.

This is a very easy drinking coffee with flavours of toasted hazelnut and chocolate


All coffee is selectively hand-picked and is delivered by individual farmers to one of 9 collection points. These collection points deliver all cherry received at the end of each day to be pulped at the central mill, and lots are defined by sub-regional origin and altitude. Upon arrival at the mill, the coffee is then sorted again to remove any remaining under- or over-ripe beans, and after sorting, the ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the mill’s Pinhalense pulpers. After pulping, mucilage is mechanically removed, the parchment is soaked in tanks for 12 hours and is then either delivered to dry in beds in the sun (very low quantities due to seasonal rains) or dried at low, constant temperatures in mechanical driers that are fuelled by dried coffee husks.

Partner: Kawacom Sipi Falls Sustainable Project

Varietal(s): SL14 & SL28

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried (finished in mechanical driers)

Altitude: 1,300-2,000m

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