Chocolate Gift Set


Our Chocolate Bundle contains 4 packs of single origin hot chocolate buttons:

1 x Venezuela Smooth Hot Chocolate Buttons (58% cocoa)

1 x Ecuador Classic Hot Chocolate Buttons (70% cocoa)

1 x Madagascar Darkest Hot Chocolate Buttons (82% cocoa)

1 x Ivory Coast White Hot Chocolate Buttons

1 x set of wooden tongs

To make a hot chocolate: 1. Place hot chocolate tablets into serving cup, cover with boiling water for 15 seconds. 2. Steam / Heat milk to 65 - 70 0C for the finished hot chocolate 3. Pour away excess water, add a little hot milk to just cover chocolate, whisk to a smooth paste. 4. Add remainder of milk and whisk in stages

Our Chocolate Bundle comes in a gift box and delivery is included in the price.

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