A change to our pricing structure

We’ve recently seen a further increase in the cost of Royal Mail deliveries and as such have been reviewing our pricing structure for coffee.

More importantly, in the past couple of months, some of our packages are failing the Royal Mail size check and we have been receiving hefty surcharges for these items. All our parcels are checked for size and weight before leaving the Roastery and we have a feeling this is likely to be caused by the settling of the product during transportation.

In light of this we have amended our procedures as follows:

For single bags of coffee we will be despatching using plastic bags rather than boxes. This reduction in the packaging thickness should help with the sizing issue mentioned above.

Where two bags of coffee are ordered, we now have to send the coffee out as a parcel which has increased the cost. As such we have removed the previous discount offered when two bags are purchased.

However, we have now introduced a discount when three or more bags are ordered (as opposed to four bags).