Working with Carvetii Coffee Roasters

At Carvetii we take coffee very seriously. We buy green coffee beans as close to harvest as possible and roast them fresh to order each week. By adhering to the principle of only selling wholebean coffee, we aim to ensure that every cup served reflects the flavour and characteristics of the origin from where it started its journey.

We also offer a lot more than roasted coffee, so aside from wanting to serve amazing coffee, here are 5 other reasons to choose Carvetii:

  1. Whether you are a new startup or an established business we can offer support and advice to help you build your business. For new startups we can help you with everything from bar design through to menu pricing, and profit margins. If you are an established business we can bring a new perspective to the way you work on a day to day basis. We have a simple philosophy: if we can help you grow your business, then our business will grow.
  2. We offer the a range of training packages for our customers building on a considerable experience in the trade. We go beyond simply learning to make a cup of coffee. Our training facility has the most up to date equipment and our continuous investment ensures our customers have access to industry leading machines on which to hone their skills. We have no limit on the amount of training we provide, and best of all we do not charge for any of it. This year we will be organising Speciality Coffee Association Diploma courses at our Roastery, the first time these have been offered in Cumbria. While these are paid courses, they do have an examination element which leads to certification.
  3. We sell, lease, repair, maintain and service a range of equipment. From water boilers to grinder, from filter brewers to espresso machine, we stock a wide range of industry leading equipment. We have a dedicated technician who dedicates all his time to ensuring our customer’s equipment is maintained in the best working order. We offer an unrivalled level of support when it comes to this aspect of our work.
  4. We have applied our expertise in coffee to sourcing a wide range of other products, including our own range of loose leaf teas. This allows us to offer our customers a one-stop shop, confident in the knowledge that the products we offer are of a quality you would come to expect from Carvetii.
  5. We invest in our local area. Whether it’s employing local people or working with other local suppliers, we try to source as much of our products Cumbria. That means every time you sell a cup of Carvetii coffee, you’re generate income which will be multiplied many times over within the local economy.

If you’d like to know more please feel free to get in touch:

Phone 01768 776979