Why We're Grinding Coffee (for now!)

We’ve always believed in sending out our coffee in whole bean form. In that way we know our customers will receive the coffee in the best possible condition and we can be sure it will remain at a high quality during the period it is consumed.

However, in these unprecedented times we appreciate many people are working from home, or are unable to visit their local coffee shop. These people may not want to purchase a grinder in the short term and therefore we have taken the decision to offer ground coffee on our online store. Over the next couple of months, customers who buy our coffee will be able to choose from four options.


We still think this is the best way to receive your coffee as it will reach you in the best possible condition, and will retain its freshness longer once the bag is opened. We now ship whole bean coffee 5 days a week with shipping included in the price.

Ground for cafetière

This will be a coarse ground setting for use in a cafetière (or French press/coffee press).

Ground for filter

This will be a slightly finer grind suitable for filter brewers and hand brewing (single serve filter cones, Chemex). This grind setting might also work in a mocha pot or an Aeropress (inverted).

Ground for espresso

The finest grind setting suitable for use in your home espresso machine. This grind might also work in an Aeropress.

All our bags of coffee have additional brewing guidelines on the rear, which will tell you the amount of coffee we suggest you use, the amount and temperature of the water, and a suggested brew time.

Our team are always happy to help and advise when it comes to brewing our coffee. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.