Workshops for Home Users

We have a number of workshops aimed at the Home User.

If espresso is your thing then have a look at our Home Barista Workshop, while our Coffee Brewing Workshop is suitable for those who brew coffee by other methods, such as cafetière, filter or Aeropress.

Finally if you are thinking of entering the coffee industry or simply have an enthusiasm for the product, our accredited Introduction to Coffee session is ideal.

If you have any questions about our Home Workshops, please feel free to get in touch.

Home Barista Workshop

Our home barista course is aimed at those who want to develop their understanding of espresso based beverages in order to improve the coffee they produce at home.

We'll begin by looking at some basic barista skills such as grind distribution and tamping, before moving on to explore espresso recipes and the relationship between dose weight, espresso weight and grind setting. We'll also discuss other variables which can impact on the quality of an espresso.

We then move onto milk foaming and how to prepare the various espresso based beverages. If possible we will also look at some basic latte art techniques to practice after the session.

Enjoy three hours at our Roastery explore the endless possibilities of brewed coffee. This session will give you hands on opportunities to try out various brewing methods and to explore the impact of grinder settings and water quality on the coffee you brew at home.

We will introduce you to some basic recipes for the various brewing methods and will help you achieve consistent brewing each and every time you make a coffee at home.

Coffee Brewing Workshop

An accredited coffee course for the home enthusiast.  This is a half day course and is an ideal module for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in this wonderful drink.

This course covers a broad spectrum of topics to give you an ideal introduction to the world of speciality coffee. We’ll look at the history of coffee, and the variables which contribute to the overall cup quality. We’ll include a coffee cupping session to introduce you to the way in which we taste coffee, and there will also be a practical element based on different coffee brewing methods.

SCA Introduction to Coffee