Aquiares Estate Don Alfonso Entre Rios Natural 250g

Aquiares Estate Don Alfonso Entre Rios Natural 250g

Aquiares Estate Don Alfonso Entre Rios Natural 250g

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We've been buying coffee from Aquiares Estate, the farm of Diego Robelo, for a number of years. Diego grows a number of different lots on the farm, and those which are particularly good, the very best of the harvest if you like, bear the name 'Don Alfonso', in recognition of one of the founders of the Estate.

This cup is full of berries - strawberry and raspberry! It has a wonderful thick mouthfeel with some strawberry blancmange tones as it cools! There is a sweetness in the cup which reminds us of candyfloss at the fairground!


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Don Alfonso Entre Rios

Our seasonal coffees each come with their own story, which is part of what makes them so special. Here we take a closer look at the producer of this coffee, Aquiares Estate.

The Farm

The Facts

Varietals: Marsellesa & Obatá 
Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1,100 to 1,400 metres

Harvesting & Processing at La Tormenta

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Aquiares is strongly committed to and has become an international leader in, environmental sustainability. The farm has long seen the connection between agricultural, environmental and social health. By planting more than 50,000 shade trees, creating natural buffers around streams and water springs, preserving the river valleys as forest, planting along the contour, implementing integrated pest management systems and many other steps, Aquiares has demonstrated how to make ecological ideals a reality. 

sourcing coffee

Our Coffee Broker

For over ten years we have worked closely with Mercanta. They pay a fair price for coffee, empowering the growers they work with. Such is our faith in their commitment to supporting farmers that we now purchase 100% of our coffee through Mercanta.
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