Carloman Carranza 250g

Carloman Carranza 250g

Carloman Carranza 250g

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We’re very excited to bring you this interesting coffee from Peru. It combines the Jasmine tones of a geisha varietal with the sweetness of the red bourbon varietal. Then the natural processing lifts the fruit and mouthfeel. What a combination! This one is all about the light floral tones of jasmine in the cup with mid range cherry tones and a sticky honey finish.

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Carloman Carranza

Our seasonal coffees each come with their own story, which is part of what makes them so special. Here we take a closer look at the producer of this coffee, Carloman Carranza.

The Farm

The Facts

Varietal: Geisha
Processing: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,530 metres

Harvesting & Processing

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The farm’s name, Guardian del Bosque, means ‘Guardian of the Forest,’ and was deemed so because Carloman protects a portion of his land as native forests to preserve flora and fauna.

Some of the most difficult challenges on his farm are the torrential rains that can cause landslides on the steep slopes within the Amazonas region. Strategic planting and intercropping help ameliorate these threats.

For fertiliser, Carloman uses a mixture of compost and ‘guano de las Islas’, meaning guano from the islands. Located just off the coast of Peru are a collection of small islands, home to large sea bird populations. These birds produce large amounts of excrement, or, guano, which settles on the ground as a nutrient-rich top layer. Guano is collected on the island and transported to the mainland to be used as a fertiliser.

sourcing coffee

Our Coffee Broker

For over ten years we have worked closely with Mercanta. They pay a fair price for coffee, empowering the growers they work with. Such is our faith in their commitment to supporting farmers that we now purchase 100% of our coffee through Mercanta.
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