Coffee Brewer & Grinder Combo


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Our Coffee Brewer & Grinder Combo includes both the Wilfa Classic+ Filter Brewer and the Wilfa Grinder. If coffee is your thing then this set will allow you to brew up to a litre of coffee at a time.

WILFA Classic+ Coffee Brewer

The Wilfa Classic + is a black coffee maker equipped with a 1550w dedicated boiler and manual drip stopper to allow complete control over pre-infusion. The 1 litre water tank makes this brewer suitable for smaller households, while the coffee maker will achieve optimal water temperature of between 92-96ºC within a matter of minutes. The handy in-built indicator on the brewer means you will always know when it's time to give the unit a clean.

WILFA Coffee Grinder

High quality brew grinder with a low speed motor which creates less heat whilst grinding. This ensures the delicate aromatic compounds found in coffee are preserved, meaning tastier brews every time. Small footprint and sleek design makes this grinder a great addition to the coffee connoisseur’s kitchen, or even smaller cafes

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