Fazenda Vila Boa 250g


Our coffee merchant, Mercanta, has had to pull out all the stops to get coffee out of Brazil this year. The long term impact of Covid has resulted in empty shipping containers being in the wrong place! Such is the demand for space on ships, no-one is able to carry the empty containers back to origin, adding yet another challenge to the coffee supply chain!

We’re really pleased therefore to be able to add Fazenda Vila Boa to our range. It’s a very easy drinking coffee, with an underlying nuttiness which is associated with coffee from Brazil. The natural processing also brings a creamy mouthfeel and some rich dried fruit flavours to the cup.

Processing typically begins at Fazenda Vila Boa with the coffee cherry being selectively handpicked when the fruit is at its most ripe. Monica stresses the importance of handpicking, opposed to stripping, especially with the Yellow Bourbon crop, as although it produces large quantities of cherry, it also features a fast decline once the cherry is ripe. Handpicking is conducted by seasonal staff, as the estate's workforce increases from 30 to 80 people during the high season.

For this particular lot, the team have used the natural method. Once the coffee is picked the cherries are immediately transported to the estate raised beds, where they are dried for two days. Next, the cherry is moved to the patios where they will remain for around 5 days, or until a moisture level of 15.8% is reached. From here, the cherries are moved once again, this time to the estates Penagos Drying Machinery, where the drying process is completed. Once dry, the coffee beans are hulled of their cherry and rested, ready for export.

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