Finca El Chocho 250g


Finca El Chocho is a small farm located in the Antioquia region, an area regarded as the birthplace of coffee in Colombia. The farm was purchased by

Juan Crisostomo Marin and his wife, Margarita Lopez Diaz in 1983. A decade earlier, when they were first married, their wedding present was a promise to each other that they would one day purchase their own farm, and give up the life of a labourer for other people.

El Chocho is a very smooth, easy drinking coffee, so much so that you might want to brew a little extra so you can go back for seconds. It has a balanced acidity, a soft brown sugar sweetness, and hints of milk chocolate in the long finish.

Farm: Finca El Chocho

Varietal(s): Caturra & Colombia

Processing: Fermented for 36 Hours, washed & sun dried

Altitude: 1,800 metres above sea level

Owner: Juan Crisostomo Marin

Town: Jardín

Region: Antioquia

Country: Colombia

Total size of farm: 2.2 hectares

Area under coffee: 1.5 hectares

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