Finca Nazareth


There are some coffees which we always look forward to receiving year on year, and Finca Nazareth is one of them. Fernando Alfaro, owner of the mill who processed this coffee, visited our Roastery a couple of years ago. While he was with us we put him on the spot and asked him to recommend a coffee to buy. Finca Nazareth was his personal recommendation and we’ve been purchasing it ever since.

While Fernando is responsible for processing this coffee (at Finca El Carmen, it was actually grown by his neighbour Mario Acosta, a fourth generation coffee farmer.

Mario and his family take a stringent approach to quality. The coffee on the family’s farms is selectively hand harvested, with only the best and ripest cherries being selected at each ‘pass’. All coffee is meticulously sorted before being delivered for processing to the nearby El Carmen. Fernando Alfaro works with the family to process their coffee to their specifications so as to assure its quality and consistency. The majority of coffee from Nazareth is fully washed, soaked and pre-dried. However, very special lots, such as this one, are processed using the natural processing method, for which El Carmen mill is increasingly renowned.

After cherries are sorted by hand again at the mill, they are delivered to dry on African Beds or on the mills extensive clay patios for 21 days, where they are regularly raked (initially every 20 minutes) to ensure even drying. Lots that start in the beds will spend an additional three to four days on clay patios, for a total drying time of around 26 days. Finally, the beans are prepared and all defects removed and screened to uniform size.

Expect flavours of pomegranate and prune with floral undertones.

Farm: Finca Nazareth

Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,350 to 1,450m

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