Finca Nueva Linda Decaf



  • Our current decaf comes from Mexico and is possibly one of the nicest decaffeinated coffees we’ve tasted. The aroma of the grounds themselves is of butter toffee and in the cup you can expect flavours of caramalised orange, and butterscotch, with a coating mouthfeel to finish it off. It makes you wonder if this really is a decaf!

  • Finca Nueva Linda began its life as a coffee farm in 1973. Founded by current owner Octavio Moguel Farrera, the farm occupies 638 hectares of extraordinary coffee growing land in a deep forest right next to Chiapas, Mexico’s El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. This zone – the Cuxtepeques Valley – is renowned for its coffee, and Finca Nueva Linda successfully lives up to this reputation, having won several internal Mexican quality contests and even placing 4th at the 2012 Mexico Cup of Excellence competition.


    Today, Finca Nueva Linda occupies 638 hectares, 142 of which are given over to coffee production. Don Octavio produces only coffee here, despite only cultivating 22% of the land. He takes being part of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve as a significant responsibility and has placed 496 hectares under “voluntary conservation of estates”. It is important to note that this conservation effort is entirely voluntary, as there is no document or law that requires this from farm owners in the area.

    During the harvest, the farm’s labour force grows to 300 people, many of whom come from Guatemala and the surrounding area. All coffee on the farm is selectively hand harvested and delivered to the farm’s own mill, which is located in the centre of the farm. The coffee is hand sorted to remove any underripe or damaged cherries and is then introduced to the farms Penagos pulping machines to be washed, floated and pulped. After being delivered to the farm’s concrete fermentation tanks, the coffee is fermented for 14 to18 hours depending on weather. After fermenting, it is washed with clean spring water hailing from the farm itself.

    After being fully washed, the coffee is delivered to the farm’s extensive concrete patios where it is regularly turned and slowly dried under the sun. As mentioned before, the farm also has a new “greenhouse"-style solar driers. A small percentage of the farm’s production is dried in Guardiolas, if the weather does not permit drying outside.

    Farm: Finca Nueva Linda

    Varietal(s): Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Caturra & Catimor

    Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios or mechanical drier

    Altitude: 1,250 to 1,550 metres above sea level

    Owner: Octavio Moguel Farrera (managed by: Juan José Moguel Orantes)

    Town: La Concordia

    Region: Chiapas

    Country: Mexico

    Total size of farm: 638 hectares

    Area under coffee: 142 hectares

    Prizes: 2012 Mexico COE, #4

  • The Decaffeination Process

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