Fazenda Samambaia 250g


Fazenda Samambaia is an easy drinking coffee with flavours of peanut, chocolate and caramel. The fragrance of the grounds reminds us of a Snickers bar!

The cool, green hills of Sul de Minas provide ideal conditions for coffee growing and produce some of Brazil’s finest beans. The region is known locally as ‘Vertentes’, because it forms a border between two very important basins in Brazil: the Grande River Basin (which runs to the south) and the São Francisco River Basin (which runs to the northeast).

Henrique Dias Cambraia, farmer of Fazenda Samambaia, attributes the success of his farm to a combination of various factors, not least: the farm’s geographic location; competent technical management of the plantations, with individualised phytosanitary controls of the planting fields; constant training based on total quality control programs; and, most importantly, the involvement of the whole team that works on the farm.

Farm: Fazenda Samambaia

Varietal(s): 100% Mondo Novo

Processing: Pulped Natural & dried on patios

Altitude: 1,200 metres above sea level

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