Finca Santa Sofia Decaf 250g


Finca Santa Sofia is a carbon dioxide decaffeinated coffee from Guatemala. In 1991 owner Pablo José Ferrigno Figueroa, a third generation coffee grower, purchased a plot of land in the unlikely coffee growing region of Alta Verapaz and Finca Santa Sofia was born.

Coffee is selectively harvested, with only the ripest cherries being picked. After harvesting, the red cherries are taken to the farm’s receiving tanks where they are then mechanically pulped. Coffee is fermented for up to 48 hours and after fermentation, the coffee is washed and then soaked in clean water for 24 hours to remove any traces of mucilage before being dried.

Finca Santa Sofia dries most of their coffee on patios, though due to the region’s almost constant rain, the farm often has to use guardiolas to finish drying, which is accomplished according to a very strict and controlled drying schedule. Coffee is rotated in these mechanical driers at no more than 40°C and is rested between dryings to stabilise humidity. Once the parchment coffee reaches an ideal humidity, it is rested for at least 21 days in the warehouse before being delivered to the dry mill for milling.

Farm: Finca Santa Sofia

Varietal(s): Caturra, Catuai & Catimor

Processing: Fully washed & sun-dried; finished in Guardiolas if needed

Owner: Pablo José Ferrigno Figueroa

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