Hario Mini Mill Plus Coffee Grinder


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We are currently awaiting stock of this product, expected in June.  You can still pre-order and we will ship as soon as stock becomes available.

The Hario Mini Mill Pro Coffee Grinder is an entry-level grinder that guarantees a consistent grind every time you brew a fresh cup of coffee. Compact and portable, this hand grinder will get you brewing anywhere. 

The main body is reinforced by the hexagonal adapter for the handy lock. This steadies the grinder when you’re using it, making slippage and fumbling a thing of the past. Ceramic burrs contribute to a consistent, even grind. To make dosing even more convenient, you can also use the lower chamber of the Mini Mill + to measure coffee for up to 2 cups at a time! (1 cup = 12g and 2 cups = 24g)

Shipping is included in the price of this grinder.

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