Lunji Estate AA/AB 250g


We’ve been buying coffee from Lunji Estate in Tanzania for a number of years and always look forwards to this time of year, when the fresh harvests arrive.

Coffee has been grown at Lunji Estate since 1893, but when the current owners took over in 1994, the farm had been abandoned and a huge amount of work was required to allow production to resume.

After being selectively hand-picked, coffee is sorted to remove all debris and damaged cherries before being pulped on the same day using the farm’s 4 disc Mckinnon Pulper, which is electrically powered. In case of a power shut-down during the pulping hours, a 60 year old Lister engine powers the same pulper in order that the coffee is pulped immediately after picking.

The coffee is then conveyed to the fermentation tanks using fresh water, where it ferments for around 24 hours. The parchment is then fully washed before being washed again through the grading channel. The grading channel has several wooden stoppers at different heights. In this way the coffee is again sorted, whereby the floaters and possible debris will pass over the high-set stoppers while the heavier beans will remain at the top of the channel, held in place. This separation ensures a further quality control.

After fermentation and washing, the coffee is dried on raised beds for between 9 to 13 days, depending on the weather. During this time, the coffee is regularly turned and sorted to remove any damaged beans and debris.

Farm: Lunji Estate

Varietal(s): Blue Mountain Bourbon, Blue Mountain Typica, Bourbon SL28, Bourbon N39, Kent, Pacamara

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,650m

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