Luoka Decaf 250g


Our current decaf has been produced entirely from Smallholder farms from Lufa and Okapa Districts. Each lot is sourced by local coffee entrepreneur, Mr Peno Kavori, Monpi’s partner in the region with more than 30 years of experience. From the Tua valley in the north, through the Crater Mountain range, down to the lower Lamari valley in the south, Mr Kavori’s fleet of vehicles helps to source some of the best coffee in the region; paying fair prices and incentivising local farmers to produce a quality product.

Traditionally, these very remote regions are difficult to traverse, meaning many producers would have to carry their crop over long distances to receive factory door prices. This often meant that many producers in the region leaned towards selling

their lots for cheap to those willing to transport it to the mill, rather than transporting it themselves for a higher premium. As such, many producers in the region also began to focus less on producing quality coffee. Instead, producers would cut corners, rushing post-harvest processing stages to achieve a quick sale.

In comes Mr Peno Kavori. Focusing solely on sourcing quality coffee, Mr Kavori’s fleet of trucks scour the rough terrain of his supply network; searching for the best lots Lufa and Okapa Districts have to offer. Instead of offering minimum prices for his collection service, Mr Kavori pays factory door prices at collection. This not only means producers are paid fairly for their quality product, but it also helps to incentivize other producers to improve their processing techniques.

This coffee as been decaffeinated using the carbon dioxide method.

Owner: Various smallholder farmers delivering to Mr. Peno Kavori

Varietal(s): Typica & Arusha

Processing: Fully washed & dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1,440– 2,000 metres

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