Piendamo Cauca 250g


This coffee is produced by various farmers who live within the Piendamo municipality in the Inza region of Colombia.

Expect flavours of dried fruit, brown sugar and peach in the cup.

Once the harvest occurs, pickers selectively hand pick the cherries and transport to the washing station where they are submerged into large tanks of water. Here, the floating cherries are removed to ensure quality. The remaining cherries are pulped via machine and sent to ferment. During fermentation, the exterior mucilage is broken down prior to being dried. Once cleaned, the coffee is placed into the open sun to initiate the drying process.

Condór, the purchasing partners for this coffee, are working to improve the fertility of the soils in this region by providing producers with access to newer fertilizers that will improve quality and yield in the future. It is important to preserve the culture and tradition in regions such as Piendamo, and Condór are working with these producers to ensure a future can be created.

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