São Silvestre 250g


Fazenda Sao Silvestre has been farmed by the Andrade Brothers since 1991. It is located in the north of Minas Gerais in an area known as the Cerrado Mineiro.

The beans are harvested when ripe and prepared using the pulped natural process:  the cherries are pulped, and the mucilage is left on the beans while they are dried.  Depending on climactic conditions, the coffee is either totally sun-dried or completed in two stages where the beans are initially sun-dried, bringing moisture content down to approximately 20%, and then finished in mechanical dryers, bringing the moisture content of the beans down to a maximum of 12%.

After drying the coffee is stored in silos, still protected by the parchment or by the husk.  After this period of rest, the coffee is milled and sorted prior to export.

Farm: Fazenda Sao Silvestre

Varietals: Yellow Icatu, Bourbon, Tipica

Processing: Pulped natural

Altitude: 1,250 metres above sea level

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