Shimilingwanda Estate 250g


Established in 1989, Shimilangwada is the second oldest farm in the Songwe region. Originally owned by a Swiss family farming just 67 acres, the estate was bought out in 2017 by Tanzanian entrepreneur Mr Nzunda, who purchased the land hoping to revive the old trees. Since taking ownership, Mr Nzunda has been able to double the area of productive coffee plantation and has driven forward the quality of the produce.

When it is time to harvest, Coffee cherry is selectively handpicked and sorted into lots; separated by the area in which it was harvested and by the day it was picked and washed. The process begins by separating out any under/ overripe cherry, along with any foreign matter such as sticks or gravel. Next, the coffee is pulped using the farm's mechanical pulper to remove the outer layer of fruit and sorted by density. Typically, the cherries are picked, sorted and pulped all in the same day; with processing conducted in the evening. Next, the coffee is placed into fermentation tanks to remove the remaining mucilage. The beans remain here for between 24 to 72 hours, and are checked every morning, depending on the atmospheric temperature. Once fermentation is complete, beans are washed in cool clean water at the farms washing station, before being transferred onto raised beds to dry.

Farm: Shimilingwanda Estate

Varietals: Bourbon, N39 & Kent

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,540 - 1,680m

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