Sierra Azul Decaf 250g


Our current decaf coffee comes from a cooperative of 200 small holding farmers living within Southern Mexico’s El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve.

Named for the bluish hue of the tree covered mountains of the Reserve (the sierra azul, in Spanish), the organisation’s members are unified not only in improving the livelihoods of communities across the municipality of Siltepec and beyond but also in their aim of producing the region’s best speciality coffee.

This coffee has a rich, warm, spice aroma to the grounds. The acidity is mellow and you can expect a coating mouthfeel. The lingering flavours are of fudge and liquorice.

This coffee has been decaffeinated using the mountain water method.

Producer Org: Café Sierra Azul

Varietal(s): Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios

Altitude: 1,000 to 1,900 metres above sea level

Owner: 200 small holder farmers

Town: El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, Ejido Capitan Luis A. Vidal

Region: Siltepec, Chiapas

Country: Mexico

Average farm size: 3 hectares

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