Société Maitea 250g


Using coffee production to forge a path for economic success and social stability, Eba & Wally, founders of Société Maitea, hope to make a difference to the local community, as well as to demonstrate the quality of DRC (and in particular Kivu province) coffee, to the outside world.

Washing stations can be found on average every 2km in the region, with Société Maitea using their Lake Kivu site to process and classify coffee brought to them by farmers. Coffee is processed in ‘day lots’ with assessment for classification beginning with coffee cherry being placed on canvas beds and sorted; removing any undesirables such as immature beans or coffee husks. Next, cherries are submerged in cold clean water and floated, to separate the quality cherry (floaters). Any fruit that sinks is removed, often to be sold on the internal market or reused as compost. Next, coffee cherries are pulped, before being left to ferment for 12 hours overnight (from 8 pm to 8 am) in a dry fermentation tank. Finally, coffee is washed to remove any final impurities and bad coloured parchment, before being dried and graded; ready for export.

Farm: Various farms

Varietals: Blue Mountain, Kivu Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,700-1,900m

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