The Diverse Collection


Try something different with our Diverse Collection.  Four bags of loose leaf tea with unique characters :

Blood Orange Rooibos 125g

Rooibos, meaning 'red bush' is a broom-like plant growing in South Africa.  It is a popular choice for those seeking a caffeine free tea option. This particular tea has been flavoured with orange peel

Tie Guan Yin 50g

Chinese legend tells that many centuries ago a simple servant, who spent his days cleaning the temple where the Iron Goddess’ statue stood, was visited by the Goddess in a dream. In his dream he was told of a secret room within the temple where treasure lay. The next day he went to the room, but instead of finding gold and jewels, he found a tea bush. He planted the bush and it brought him tea, he sold the tea and planted more bushes from which he made more tea. He repaired the temple to its original state, decorated it and himself with fine cloth and gave his neighbours tea bushes so they could share in the wealth.The tea is light and bright with fine yellow liquor much adored by the Chinese.

Lapsang Souchong 125g

From the lower hills of the Wuyi Mountain range of Fujian Province in Eastern China. This fantastic tea grows in soil which naturally gives the leaf a light tarry character, this is enhanced further by firing the tea over wood chippings. Works extremely well as an accompaniment to chocolate cake!

Moroccan Mint 125g

North African countries have used mint in their cooking and drinks for many years. So when Europeans first brought tea to the regions, they naturally blended it with mint. The tea at the time would have been green and manufactured as a “Gunpowder” Tea. This tea is an exact replica of the teas still drunk in Morocco.

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