A Year of Coffee 2014

Jan 1, 2015

Over the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed looking back over the coffees we’ve used over the previous twelve months.  Up until now this has been a relatively easy task which I’ve mostly been able to do from memory.  However, looking back over 2014 has proved very different and is probably a good indicator as to how much our business has changed and developed in the past twelve months.  I found it impossible to compile a list of coffees without looking back over our database, and even then I found it hard to remember which coffees we used in a blend and which were offered as a single origin.  So, with a little help from technology, I have been able to compile the following:

Espresso Blends

In 2014 we produced four different espresso blends, and towards the end of the year also introduced our first single origin espresso.  Three of the four blends used components from African, which we very much enjoy:

Espresso Blends
January 2014 Los Cerritos Guatemala
Cafetalera Zamorana Costa Rica
Yirgacheffe Ethiopia
April 2014 La Joyeria Colombia
Fazenda Barreiro Brazil
Fazenda Cruzeiro Brazil
June 2014 Finca Puerta Verde Guatemala
Finca Angelina Costa Rica
September 2014 La Joyeria Colombia
Finca Palo Blanco Honduras
Aricha Ethiopia
November 2014 Musasa Dukunde Kawa Rwanda

Of these blends, two really stand out for me.  I really enjoyed the combination of the two Brazilian coffees with the Colombian which we used in the April 2014 blend.  More recently, I’ve really been enjoying our current blend which offers just enough familiarity with some challenging underlying fruitiness.

Single Origin Coffees

We’ve roasted some amazing single origin coffees this year, and this is one aspect of the business which has grown a lot in the past twelve months:

Farm/Mill Origin
Monte de Oro Guatemala
Pocos De Caldas Brazil
Blackburn Estate Tanzania
Dumerso Ethiopia
La Esperanza Nicaragua
El Recuerdo Colombia
Inza Colombia
Karii AA Kenya
Finca Las Chicharras Mexico
BUF Cafe Remera Rwanda
Finca San Agustin Guatemala
Finca El Triangulo Guatemala
Fazenda Cruzeiro Brazil
Yirgacheffe Aricha Ethopia
Finca Angelina Costa Rica

There are some amazing coffees on this list and it really is difficult to pick out a favourite.  We have used a lot of coffee from Colombia this year and this is probably due to the consistent quality of the coffee coming from that country.  We started the year with the delicious El Recuerdo and as we move into 2015 we have the Inza to enjoy.

We’re also fans of coffee from Kenya and this year the Karii lived up to expectations – a little different from previous Kenyans we’ve used with less of the citrus fruit apparent in the cup.  The Blackburn Estate from Tanzania was another firm favourite and we’d like to look at this farm again in 2015.  We may also have access to some other microlots from the same region.

If you have a favourite coffee from this list please feel free to comment below.