A Guide to Our Coffee

We spend a lot of time sourcing our green beans and take a great deal of care when we roast our coffees. We want to supply you with the best possible coffee and we’ve put together a series of coffee guides to help you get the most out of your purchase.

If you want to know more about the backstory of our coffee, or how you should store it, please take a look at our Coffee Knowledge Series.

Espresso Range

Intense coffees for quiet moments

These coffees have been roasted for use in an espresso machine, but to be honest can also be brewed by any method. They will work well with an Aeropress and Stovetop in particular.

Our Latitude Espresso is our signature blend, often utilising coffees from Eastern Africa. It has the brightest acidity of all our espressos but please don’t be put off by this. We’ve built our reputation on this coffee and we are justifiably proud of it. Our Solitude Espresso utilises coffee from a single origin. Sometimes this might be a farm, a cooperative of producers or a central mill. We choose coffees with a mellow acidity so you can expect Solitude to have less brightness than Latitude. We introduced Fortitude Espresso as our take on a more traditional roast profile. We still use the same quality coffees as we do for our Latitude and Solitude, but the resulting coffee has a more familiar character.

The Espresso Series

We’ve put together our Espresso Series of videos to help you get the most from our espresso range. For more on this series visit The Espresso Series

Filter & Cafetiere Range

Take your time, take another cup, you'll want to

The coffees in our filter & cafetiere range have been roasted to work best with any brewing method other than espresso. This doesn’t mean they won’t work in an espresso machine, but we think they are best enjoyed using other methods.

We always have at least three options in this range, each relating to a slightly different style of coffee. We have an ‘Easy Drinking’ coffee, which often follows a nut or chocolate flavour profile. Our ‘Middle of the Road’ coffee has a mild fruity tone with plenty of sweetness. Often these have a stone fruit character. Our ‘Fruity and Floral’ range is exactly that. These are are most exciting coffees with berry, floral and tropical tones.

Brewing Guides

We’ve put together a series of videos on each of the coffee brewing methods. For more on this series visit Coffee Brewing Guides

Brewing Kit

Great coffee deserves great kit

We’ve curated a range of coffee brewing kit on our website alongside a series of video reviews to help you make the best possible purchase. As always our team are only too willing to help with any queries you might have.

Equipment Guides

We’ve put together a series of videos on key equipment. For more on this series visit Equipment Guides

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Coffee Brewing Guides

We show you how to get the most out of our coffees and your favourite kit. Covering everything from Aeropress to Stovetop this is the coffee lover's essential.

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The Espresso Series

Take a deep dive into the intense world of Espresso making, we take you through the grind, dose and more to help you achieve the perfect cup.

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Equipment Guides

This section is focussed on the hardware, get in to grinders, choose the ideal coffee scales and more to get the most from your coffee.

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Coffee Knowledge

There's more to coffee than water temperature and brewing time (though, they are crucial!) in this series we get into the background of coffee production.

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