We offer a range of coffee subscriptions to suit your coffee drinking preferences.  

Our monthly coffee subscriptions have an air of mystery about them as we choose a different coffee to send out each month.  Single origin coffees are mostly suitable for brewing as a filter or cafetiere.

To accompany each coffee we send out our subscription newsletter.  The aim of this newsletter is to offer a little bit more information about the coffee, its origins as well as the occasional tip on brewing better coffee.

You can also set up our monthly coffee subscription as a gift to last for either 6 or 12 months.

Our espresso subscription is aimed at those who like a regular supply of coffee to be sent out without the hassle of having to order each time.  You choose how much coffee you want and the frequency of the order, we'll do the rest.  Similarly our decaf subscription operates in the same way.

You can manage your existing subscription here.