Filter Coffee Subscription

Filter Coffee Subscription

Filter Coffee Subscription

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We've created our Filter Coffee Subscription to allow you to receive a regular supply of coffee suitable for brewing as filter, in a cafetière or Aeropress.

Shipping is included in the price of our Filter Subscription.

Our subscriptions are sent in letterbox friendly packaging for orders of one or two bags.

You can choose how much coffee we send and the frequency of your order in days, weeks or months. You have full access to your subscription which allows you to adapt it to changing circumstances. Need more coffee or an order more often? Need to skip an order? On the manage subscription page you can make all the changes you need.

The coffee we roast will be purchased in line with fresh harvests around the world. This means we have an ever changing selection and to make sure we send you out the most suitable coffee we ask you to choose the style of coffee you most enjoy. You won’t receive a different coffee each time but when we move to new origins we will make sure what we ship is in line with your chosen style. Alternatively, our Limited Release Coffee Subscription caters for those who like to receive a different coffee from month to month.

Easy Drinking

These coffees will broadly have a chocolate or nutty character. They will often be coffees from Central and South America: the likes of Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru, grown at altitudes of around 1,000 - 1,200m.

Middle of the Road

These coffees will have more of a stone fruit character; in other words you can expect more fruit in the cup but without it dominating. These coffees are likely to be sourced from Colombia and Central America and are likely to be grown at altitudes above 1,500m.

Fruity and Floral

These coffees will be dominated by the fruity flavours in the cup. Many of these coffees will be sourced from Africa: Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. They will often be grown at altitudes of around 2,000m.

You can either receive your subscription as wholebean or choose a grind setting suitable to your chosen brewing method.

We are here to help 

There is a real team of people behind our subscriptions and we are always here to help. If you need to adjust your order in any way, or just want some advice on brewing coffee, please feel free to get in touch.

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