Knott Halloo Espresso 250g


Regional differences within any coffee growing country, be it altitude, microclimate, aspect or soil quality, can produce differing flavour profiles in the cup. We’ve exploited this through the choice of components in our current Knott Halloo espresso blend. Both coffees are grown in Costa Rica, but being from very different regions, they each bring something a little different to the cup.

Valle de Sol is a cooperative of farms located in the Central and West Valley regions of the country. The farmers grow a range of varieties and deliver their coffee cherries to a central mill. The farms are located at 1,300 to 1,600m above sea level.

El Bueyerito is a single farm located in the Zone Norte region of Costa Rica. This area is further south and west of the Central and West valleys, and the altitude is lower (1,200 to 1,300m). A single variety is grown and all the coffee cherries are processed on the farm.

Farm: Various members of Cooperative Victoria (Valle de Sol being the brand name)

Varietals: Catuai, Caturra, Villa Sarchi, Sarchimor & Obata

Processing: Fully washed and dried in guardiolas (mechanical driers)

Farm: El Bueyerito

Varietals: Sarchimor

Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on African beds & patios

Owner: Roberto Jimenez Muñoz

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