Solitude Espresso


Our Solitude Espresso currently comprises a single coffee from Finca Concepción, a farm in the Antigua region of Guatemala.

Expect flavours of dark chocolate, dried fruit and hazelnut in the cup.

Finca Concepcion Pixcayá was founded in 1926 by Sr. Carlos Mirón Armas and Sra. Maria Muñoz de Mirón. The farm’s current owner, Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón is the fourth generation of his family to work this land, and he maintains the farm in pristine condition with the help of his mother, Maria Mirón de Zaghi.

Various coffee varieties have been trialled at Concepción, Pixcayá over the years, but ultimately Manuel and his forefathers concluded that the traditional Bourbon variety performed the best with regards to cup quality. Giving the disease-susceptible variety the attention it deserves is one reason the family have limited the land that they plant under coffee (only 22 hectares of their 150 hectare farm). The farm is replanted from specially selected seeds from the best coffee trees within the farm and each tree is given exacting attention.

During the peak of the harvest, the farm brings in an additional 40 to 60 local villagers to help with picking. After being selectively hand-harvested, coffee is delivered to the mill on the same day it is picked. All coffee is then sorted to remove debris and underripe cherries before pulping. The ripe cherries are then dry pulped, and what little water is used is circulated to be used for more than one batch per day. At the end of the day, the water is delivered to a separate pond in order to prevent water contamination. The pulped coffee is deposited in fermentation tanks and fermented for 24 to 36 hours depending on the weather and ambient temperature. After this, the coffee is fully washed in clean water and delivered to be dried on the farm’s patios. Drying time can be as little as 4 days, but only if the weather is sunny and warm (which is rare). More frequently the coffee is dried for 5-8 days, being turned regularly so as to ensure even drying.

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