Knott Halloo Espresso 250g


Our current Knott Halloo Espresso blend comprises two components from farms in Brazil. Both farms are owned by the Andrade brothers making this espresso very much a family affair!

Fazenda Capim Branco has been in the Andrade family since 1901. It is located in the high, green Cerrado Mineiro in the north of Minas Gerais state, on the border with Bahia State. Attentive husbandry, such as that executed by the Andrade family, produces uniform blossoming and maturation, creating excellent conditions for processing the coffee using the natural method. In this case, ripe cherries are dried on the patio without having been pulped, producing a sweet, fruity coffee.

Fazenda São Silvestre has been farmed by the Andrade brothers since 1991. It is located in the same region as Fazenda Capim Branco, where the conditions are perfect for growing coffee. The processing method used at São Silvestre is different to that used at Capim Branco. The beans are harvested when ripe and prepared using the pulped natural process: the cherries are pulped (the skin removed), and the mucilage is left on the beans while they are dried.

Farm: Fazenda Capim Branco

Varietal: Yellow Catuaí

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,100m above sea level

Farm: Fazenda Saõ Silvestre

Varietal: Yellow Icatú, Bourbon & Típica

Processing: Pulped natural

Altitude: 1,250m above sea level

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