Life is Sweet

Dark, orange, milk, white, take your pick...

Some Like it Fancy

Treat yourself and make every Hot Chocolate a fantastical creation

We have a hot chocolate option to suit all tastes. From our sweet, comforting 45% to the rich, dark 85% there is something here for everyone.

Are you with the light...

If so give our White Hot Chocolate a try, it's heavenly

...or the dark?

Then try our wickedly delicious Dark Orange Hot Chocolate

Collect Them All

Get all five of our delicious Hot Chocolates in one hit
Hot Chocolate Collection
Hot Chocolate Collection

Hot Chocolate Collection

Hot Chocolate Collection

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Can't decide which hot chocolate to buy?  Why not indulge yourself and buy them all!

With our Hot Chocolate Collection you will receive one 250g pack of each of our hot chocolate flakes:

45% Milk Hot Chocolate

54% Dark Hot Chocolate

71% Dark Hot Chocolate

Dark Orange Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

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