In the roaster this week . . .

Jul 29, 2013

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is roasting day and we have some great coffees on offer (clicking on the images will take you to the relevant page on our website):


Seasonal Espresso Blend

Three beans make up our current espresso blend: the Sidamo brings a font end zing with floral and fruity notes; the Finca La Bolsa kicks in with lingering chocolate flavours and the Finca San Luis binds it all together with a creamy mouthfeel and hints of toffee.  Available in 250g and 454g bags.

mamani-labelFamilia Mamani Mamani

Grown in the shade of native forest trees in Bolivia’s lush Caranavi region by Mauricio Mamani and his family.  Keeping this roast light allows the brightness to come through.  This coffee has a juicy, apple acidity with a fruity sweetness followed by lingering notes of dark chocolate.  Available in 250g bags.



Finca Santa Barbara La Joyeria

La Joyeria comprises specific lots of coffee from the Santa Barbara farm.  These lots are selected for their quality, and are processed separately to the rest of the coffee on the farm.  This is a rich coffee with flavours of stone fruit, hints of molasses and a touch of spice.  Available in 250g bags.



Fazenda Passeio

Fazenda Passeio is a farm of 130 hectares, situated in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil.  Despite its size much of the work is still undertaken by hand, including picking of the ripe cherries.  This coffee is typically Brazilian with peanut and sesame seed flavours.  Available in 250g bags.