The Roaster’s Table

Nov 11, 2020

Just like the chef’s table in a restaurant, our Roaster’s Table membership scheme allows you to get an up-close perspective on coffee and the processes required to get to the final product you enjoy on a day to day basis.

The core of our Roaster’s Table is our monthly coffee cupping experience. This will be an exclusive experience for our members allowing you to taste two coffees side by side through the process of cupping. We will produce a video to accompany each experience and there will be access to a member chat site allowing you to discuss your thoughts.

Please note: we are currently only able to ship within the UK.

Each month we will send out two coffees, chosen to highlight a particular facet of our industry. You will receive 30g of each coffee in ground form, along with 30g in bean form. We will be supplying the coffee in ground form to ensure everyone has the same tasting experience. You can then watch our video and take part in your own cupping experience at home.

VIP Members will receive a free coffee cupping set (worth £25) to allow them to get the most from our tasting experience.

In addition to this we’ve put together a series of membership tiers which combine various benefits. These are a mix of discount online, exclusive online content and in the longer term the opportunity to attend member only events at our Roastery.

We’re not looking for a huge membership base. Rather we would like to build a core membership of people with an interest in our products and who enjoy engaging in all things coffee.

Benefits include:

Member only updates

Learn more about the day to day working at our Roastery and be the first to find out about new coffees and products.

Online chat

Need advice on brewing coffee at home? Have questions about a specific aspect of coffee? Want to engage in online conversations with our team? Members will have exclusive access to our online chat site.

Member Only Coffee

Two or three times a year we will purchase and roast a coffee exclusively for members. Our VIP members will be able to influence the choice of coffee based on a shortlist we provide. Higher tier members will also receive complimentary bags of this coffee.

Free Merchandise

Members on the higher tiers will be able to pick a free product from our Carvetii branded range.

Discount on Purchases from our Website

All-access and VIP members will receive a discount on purchases of coffee, tea and hot chocolate from our website.

Voting Rights

As well as being able to vote on the choice of Member Only Coffees, VIP members will also be able to shape the content of future blogs and videos.

Private Tour & Coffee Tasting

VIP+ Members (including 3 guests) will be invited to our Roastery for a private tour and coffee tasting. This invitation will be sent on the 12 month anniversary of the membership.

Membership starts from £10.80 per month. For more details and to join our coffee club please visit our Membership Site.

The Roaster’s Table via @carvetiicoffee