Lakes Inspired Range

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Angharad and Gareth moved to the Lakes in 2009 from their native Wales. Initially it was a stop gap, a pause on their wider plans.

The landscape and the people captured their hearts and they decided to stay for a littler while longer. In 2011 they founded Carvetii Coffee, a business with deep roots in the region.

The Lakes Inspired range of products celebrates our region and reflects Angharad and Gareth's passion for both the outdoors and a great cup of coffee.

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The pair have always been at home in the outdoors, from Snowboarding to hiking, and from mountain biking to their more recent love of horse riding. It is during this downtime which fuels their passion for the region, providing them with opportunities to reflect and plan for the future.

It was during one of their long Lakeland walks that the seeds for the business were planted.

The Carvetii

Even the name Carvetii has strong links with our region. The Carvetii were a tribe of Celts who roamed Cumbria during the Roman times. They were a nomadic people more commonly known as the 'deer people'. Not only does the name connect to the land but it is also a nod to Angharad and Gareth's celtic heritage.

Pure Lakeland Water

When Angharad began roasting coffee all those years ago, little did they realise that the very geography of the Lake District would be a strong influence on their style of roasting.

As rain falls on our fells, it cascades quickly down the hard slopes into lakes and reservoirs. There is little time or opportunity for it to dissolve minerals and our water is very pure and soft in character.

This isn't necessarily a good thing for coffee and the pair very quickly realised their approach to roasting needed to marry closely with the core component of any coffee, water.

The range of products in our Lakes Inspired range have been roasted and chosen to complement the purity of Lakeland water.