Wholesale Filter Coffee

Filter coffee has been treated quite badly in recent years - brewed well, a cup of filter coffee can produce some stunning flavours.

We always have a range of filter coffees available, which again highlight some of the best fresh crop coffees around.


We only sell wholebean coffee, and therefore a commitment to serving our filter coffee is a commitment to investing in a grinder.
As well as ensuring the grinder setting is correct, we will work with you and your staff to ensure the ratio of coffee to water creates the appropriate brew strength.
And as a little extra, you'll be able to offer cold brewed or iced coffee during the summer months.


We're happy to work with your existing kit and have also teamed up with Bunn to offer a range of high quality bulk brewing equipment.  Click here for more information on Bunn equipment.
Alternatively you might like to consider hand brewing individual coffees - we stock a range of equipment and as a wholesale customer you'll receive on-going staff training.