Working with Carvetii Coffee Roasters

Working with Carvetii Coffee

Carvetii are Cumbria’s leading speciality coffee roaster, consistently delivering quality and support since 2011.

Whether you are a new or existing business, there are many facets to Carvetii each aimed at supporting our customers to improve their offering.


The quality of the green beans we purchase determines the quality of the roasted product & ultimately the quality of the coffee served by our customers.

We proudly work with a single supplier, Mercanta, who are one of the world's leading coffee brokers.  This relationship gives us access to the very best coffees.

All our coffees are traceable to a specific farm or mill.  Mercanta's purchasing model ensures a 'bottom up' approach to pricing, resulting in a fairer deal for farmers.


Where and how a coffee is grown, how it is harvested and processed, and the manner in which is stored and shipped, all contributes to the overall flavour and character in the cup.  Our close relationship with our coffee supplier allows us to harness all this information to determine the best roast profile for each and every coffee.

To ensure the very best quality we purchase coffee as close to harvest as possible and aim to use them while they remain at their best.  This gives us an ever changing and exciting range of coffees to offer our customers.


Coffee roasting is more than browning beans.  It is about understanding complex chemical reactions which create desirable flavours and characteristics in a cup of coffee. 

It is about consistency and the ability to replicate the same coffee week in, week out.

It is about extensive quality control procedures to ensure only the best product reaches our customers.

All our coffees are roasted to highlight their origin flavours and characteristics on our new 25kg Probat drum roaster.


We have an ever changing coffee offering which reflects the coffee harvest in various countries.

Our core product is our Seasonal Espresso Blend which often utilises a percentage of African coffees to produce a brighter profile with a fruity undertone.  In milk this produces a smooth, sweet beverage.

Our Knott Halloo espresso blend uses coffees with a naturally lower acidity and often tends towards a more chocolate and nut profile.  Again in milk the character is smooth and sweet.

We have three filter coffees in our range offering a broad flavour profile from easy drinking chocolate tones to zesty and exciting tropical flavours.

We always have a decaffeinated coffee on our list which changes seasonally in line with our other coffees.

We roast our coffee fresh to order each week and, given that ground coffee has a shelf life of around 20 minutes, all of our coffees are only available in whole bean form.

Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee.

Author Unknown

Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.

Letitia Baldrige


We’ve applied the same ethos to sourcing our teas as we do our coffees. We use a single broker who is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

From our ever popular English Breakfast tea to the more exclusive Tie Guan Yin, we have a diverse tea menu to suit your needs. Our selection of over 30 loose leaf teas are packaged in both wholesale and retail bags.  We also have a range of pyramid tea bags available for those who do not wish to offer loose leaf but still require a focus on quality.

Each of our teas come with brewing instructions to optimise flavour, and we can offer support on cost per portion and menu pricing to ensure you maximise profit margins.

From teapots to milk jugs, scoops to timers, we can also source and supply a wide range of ancillary goods for varying budgets.


Training is at the forefront of everything we do and over the years we have developed an in-depth training programme which goes well beyond the process of making a cup of coffee.

All our new customers benefit from our online training programme which teaches staff the basic without the need for time off site.  Your key members of staff have access to a dedicated training space which has been designed to be conducive to learning and unlike other training facilities we work on small group sizes.

We can now offer your key staff complimentary access to the SCA Accredited courses at the Foundation and Intermediate levels.


We are the only local training facility to be accredited by the Speciality Coffee Association, and are the only ones licensed to deliver these certified courses. These are offered at three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, 

The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.

And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.



We are one of the few coffee roasters who employ their own in-house technical support.   This provision results in the best possible response times and quality of service.  All our maintenance work is recorded online, giving you access to your records at the click of a button.


Our planned approach is intended to prevent issues from happening, to extend the working life of your equipment and to improve the quality of the coffee you serve.  By adopting this approach we minimise equipment downtime which can adversely affect your ability to serve customers, and ultimately your income.


Our payment plans spread the cost of servicing across the year, so you are never hit with big bills.


Whether you are new to the industry, or wanting to upgrade existing equipment, we can supply you with a wide range of high quality equipment from espresso machines to water boilers.


We can determine the most appropriate equipment to suit your needs based upon anticipated footfall, staff knowledge and aspirations for the future. Our team can also advise on bar layouts to promote efficient working practices.


All our espresso machines now come with free installation, a free water filter, barista kit, and servicing included for up to three years. For a new startup this will take you through those first, difficult years, and for an existing business it will help with cashflow forecasting.


We can sell you the equipment outright or work with a leasing partner to help you spread the cost over three, four or five years. Whether you buy or lease, you’ll receive the same quality of service from our team.


We offer ongoing Preventative Maintenance Packages for our customers at three different levels. All include Statutory Boiler Examinations and water filters, with our Silver and Gold packages offering additional support.



Our team has over 30 years collective experience of working in the coffee industry. This enables us to offer our customers free consultancy support at many different levels.


Carvetii Coffee have supported dozens of successful startups both locally and nationally. We can act on an advisory capacity, helping new businesses during those critical months prior to opening. Every new business is unique and our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge which can be used to benefit our customers. Whether it is advice on layout, workflow, menus, profit margins or staffing, we can help you along the way.


We can help existing businesses to reflect on their current offering and practices, looking for ways to improve, add value and increase profitability. We adopt a collaborative approach, working together to identify opportunities and solutions to problems.


These guys go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their coffee tastes consistently wonderful and their customers are taken care of. We are incredibly lucky to have a WORLD CLASS roaster on our doorstep and are super proud to work with them

Richard Metcalfe, Owner Homeground Coffee & Kitchen

I have worked with Carvetii since before my coffeehouse opened and they have been a fantastic source of help along the way. Their continuous training has been essential in developing myself and has allowed other baristas to reach their potential in an interesting, fun and helpful way.

Stephen Kidd, Owner Moon & Sixpence

We were immediately impressed by the quality of Carvetii's product and the level of expertise they provide. Their advice was invaluable throughout the design of our servery area. Carvetii is an exceptionally well run business and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Richard Bagot, Owner Levens Kitchen


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your business, please get in touch with our team via email on or give us a call on 017687 76979