Retailing our coffee

We wholesale 250g bags of our coffee for retail sale.  Our range includes our espresso blend, our decaf and an ever changing selection of single origin coffees suitable for french press (cafetiere) or filter brewing.

We only sell wholebean coffee as this is the only way to retain those delicious underlying characteristics.

We roast our coffee to order on a weekly basis and all our coffee is printed with the 'roasted on' date.  Our coffee should be used within one month of roasting.

We will work with you to build up a loyal customer base for our coffee, helping you with tasting sessions or events to raise the profile of the product.

If you are thinking of retailing our coffee, you should regard it as a fresh product rather than a 'store cupboard' ingredient.

If you'd like to discuss retailing our coffee, please contact us on or phone us 01768 776979.