Blackburn Estate Pick of Harvest

Mar 6, 2014


This is our first coffee from Tanzania, delivering flavours of plum, caramel and hints of spice (possbiby a little caraway), combined with a syrupy mouthfeel and lingering notes of cocoa.

Blackburn Estate lies on the southern edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, which is a haven for wildlife.  As the threat of damage by elephants is an ever present threat, the farm has come up with some strategies to deter them: Piles of coffee parchment, a by-product of the processing, are combined with red chillies and set alight on the edges of the farm.  In addition, special bio-corridors

have been established to funnel large animals around the farm.

Michael Gehrken has been running Blackburn Estate for 20 years, having taken over his parent’s farm in 1983.  At that time it was overgrown and a troop of baboons had moved into the main house!

This coffee is now available to purchase through our online store.