Our new-look branding – embracing the mountains

Sep 21, 2018

Those with a keen eye might have noticed a different look to Carvetii this month.  Gone has the ‘coffee tree’ replaced by a cleaner, crisper look.  In addition we have adopted a new look for our retail packaging which takes its inspiration from the mountains.   Here’s the story behind our new look.   

The mountains have influenced the direction of Carvetii since the very start. It was difficult to ignore the call of the mountains when deciding where to plant our roots, and the desire to live among fells and ridges stemmed from our native Wales. It was among these Lake District mountains we first met the key people that gave us the inspiration to open our own business, and those same people have continued to influence our development today.

“May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.”

― Harley King


From mountains… to mountains…to your cup

Of course the influence of the mountains stretches beyond the Lake District. The very coffee we roast has been nurtured, watered and fed on the flanks of mountains. Steep slopes, fertile soils, microclimates and altitude all influence the character and flavour of the coffee long before we receive it.

We feel the presence of the mountains each and every time we travel to work. They are our imposing neighbours and we have the privilege of watching their character change on a daily basis. Their seasonal transformations herald the delivery of fresh crop coffees: the first sprinkling of snow on the summits is often followed by new season Rwandan coffees and we always have an influx of exciting Colombian coffees shortly after the thaw. The vivid purple display of heather in full bloom coincides with the availability of stimulating coffees from East Africa, while crisp, clear autumn views are a sign that we’ll be enjoying coffee from Central America.


Our roasting complements the mountains

The mountains have influenced our business in unexpected ways. Their very form and geology has an impact on the composition of the water used to brew coffee. Water that plummets from the heavens and cascades down steep, hard slopes on its way to your tap will be devoid of minerals, producing a very different coffee to water that has seeped slowly through soft, soluble rocks. Mountains have indirectly influenced the way we roast our coffee, ensuring our customers always enjoy great flavour regardless of the water used. Our coffee is not just from the mountains, it is of the mountains.

“Adventure in life is good… consistency in Coffee even better.”

Justina Headley, North of Beautiful

DSC_9801 1

Our coffee journey

In those first few years of Carvetii, the mountains gave us peace, solitude and time to think.  Hours spent in the mountains gave us strength to remain true to our belief in, and passion for, producing only the very best speciality coffee. So the mountains have helped define the Carvetii that is now trusted and held in high regard by so many customers, from award-winning restaurants, pubs and coffee shops to our loyal monthly coffee subscribers. When we felt doubt, the mountains fed our positive thoughts, when we tired, they fuelled our drive, and in the times when we had nothing, they gave us everything.

We have never rested on our laurels at Carvetii and will continue to push our roasting to new heights – in much the same way that we’ll continue looking for new summits to ascend. In the meantime, we hope you’ll appreciate the influence of the mountains in our new look packaging, which uses the stunning perspectives of local Cumbrian photographers who share our passion for high places.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even come across you enjoying one of our coffees on our next mountain visit. We highly recommend both!