UK Barista Championships 2014

Feb 5, 2014

On Sunday 9th February we’ll be heading down to Birmingham where Gareth will take part in this year’s UK Barista Championships.  The format of the competition requires the barista to produce 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 of their chosen signature drinks to a panel of judges; throughout the competition another group of judges will be watching the working practices of the barista.  All this has to take place within 15 minutes.

We’re having a run thorugh of Gareth’s routine at the Roastery on the morning of Saturday 8th February and are looking for some volunteers to be an audience.  You’ll be able to watch Gareth work through his routine a couple of times, and of course you’ll be able to enjoy the coffee he produces.

If you can spare us an hour or so from 10 a.m. on Saturday we would be very grateful.  Drop us an email on or give us a call at the Roastery 01768776979 if you can help out.