A Name Change

Sep 28, 2020

This week we are making some changes to the names of our espresso blends.

Our Seasonal Espresso Blend will become Latitude Espresso.

This will remain our flagship blend and allows us the latitude to utilise coffees we enjoy drinking. It will usually contain African components and will have more of a fruity flavour profile.
This coffee will very much appeal to the contemporary espresso drinker.

Our Knott Halloo Espresso Blend will become Solitude Espresso.

This espresso will utilise a single component paving the way for an exciting project we are embarking on. We will be teaming up with specific farms, buying coffee from them on a long term basis. This coffee will be used in our Solitude Espresso.
This espresso will have a mellower acidity than our Latitude Espresso but will still be seasonal in nature.

Why the change?

When we first started roasting we only had one espresso blend on offer, our Seasonal Espresso. A couple of years ago we introduced our Knott Halloo Espresso Blend and this has led to some confusion about the seasonality of our coffee.

Both our espresso blends are seasonal in nature. Green coffee beans have a finite shelf life which means we cannot use the same coffees all year round. The raw products just wouldn’t remain fresh. Therefore we change the components in our blends three or four times a year.

Confusion occurred with regards to the use of the word ‘seasonal’. This was omitted from our Knott Halloo Espresso Blend and by default many people have assumed this is not a seasonal product.

A New Espresso Blend

In the coming weeks we will be adding a third espresso blend to our range. This will also be seasonal in nature but will always be a Brazil/Colombia mix. Both these origins have two annual harvests making it easier to adopt a degree of consistency from season to season. This blend is aimed at those customers who want a less changeable coffee.

The name change has allowed us to develop a consistent identity across our espresso range.

A Name Change via @carvetiicoffee